Hello Mr. Billionaire

Hello Mr. Billionaire

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Film type :                            Cinema films

Investment status :             Finish

Recommendation index :  5 star

Subject matter :                   Comedy

Release date :                       2018-7-27


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The story takes place in xihong City, the city of "Special troubles" in "Troubles of Charlotte".The goalie Wang Duo Yu( Teng Shen) that mixes track at team of amateur of third division , because of the match loses, is expelled from the team. At the lowest point in his life, he accepted the challenge of the Mysterious Taiwan consortium "running out of $1 billion a month".It is  thought that happy life begins at this point, but DuoYu Wang feels for the first time however "spend money special trouble"!It's really not that easy to turn your life around and get to the top.


Fei Yan

Fei Yan

Damo Peng

Damo Peng

Teng Shen

Teng Shen

Vivian Sung

Vivian Sung

Yiming Zhang

Yiming Zhang


Fei Yan/Goodbye Mr. Loser,Hello Mr. Billionaire,accumulative total box office 6.8 billion.

Damo Peng/Goodbye Mr. Loser,Hello Mr. Billionaire,accumulative total box office 6.8 billion.


Teng Shen/Goodbye Mr. Loser,Pegasus,Hello Mr. Billionaire,accumulative total box office 17.8 billion.

Vivian Sung/Our Times,MY UNICORN GIRL,Hello Mr. Billionaire,accumulative total box office 3.19 billion.

Yiming Zhang/Goodbye Mr. Loser,Hello Mr. Billionaire,City of Rock,accumulative total box office 8.1 billion.

Market Analysis


In recent years, the cumulative box office of Chinese film is very wonderful.The cumulative proportion of domestic box office is also higher and higher, it can be seen that domestic films have been making progress.Chinese films  were also great this year, such as  Dying to Survive, which has grossed more than 3 billion  at the box office today and is still growing.In addition, "Hidden Man" is also a good film, after all, it is  Wen Jiang’s work, the final box office accumulation will not be poor.


Bonus sharing method: Cinemas dividends

Release Time : 2018-7-27

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